Freshmen Michael Burke

What activities are you involved in? Swimming, football, track, all male drill team and tech crew. Where’s the dough at? At Dutch oven bakery. Made fresh every morning What is it like being the Baby Burke? Its funny when they meet me after knowing my nerdy brother Matt. How do you stack up in comparison to your brothers? Let’s just say im louder bigger and can sit on both of them! What is your favorite winter activity? Snowboarding or bumper boarding Favorite food? MAC AND CHEESE Favorite teacher? Tie between brekke and mr sullivan! Favorite lame joke? Guys, I lost my mood ring, but I don’t know how i feel about it. Take us through a typical day in the life of Michael Burke. I start out the day at 5 am going to swim practice followed by a locker room dance session. Then go to school for all my classes including band chorus and the other usual freshman classes. Then after school back to the pool for another round of dancing and swimming. After that I usually go to drill team practice or catch a quick basketball game before I go home. Then I do my homework and finally go to sleep. Favorite Class? Tie between chorus and band because Mr Ewen drops them dirty bass beats and Mr Linn goes hard on the piano! Favorite animal? Penguins, because no one wobble de wobbles like them.