Hyeon Kang

What activities are you involved in at Ames High? Do Something club ftw. Probably no one knows what it is anymore XD Are you friends with Colin Welk? I don’t know if I’m considered a friend, but I wouldn’t mind having him in my room having some bear wrestling matches. Polar bears or penguins? Penguins, they are the source of all awkwardness. Favorite holiday snack? Rice cakes!!!! Not just any normal rice cakes but sweet red bean paste with a thin layer of rice cake covered in powder. Favorite teacher? Hmmm gonna have to say Reichart and Seibs. If you had a kitten, what would you name it? I’ve always liked the name Lila. So I guess I would name it Lila, but would it be weird if I named my future (hopefully) daughter the same name? What do you want for Christmas? Money, lots and lots of money. Or real life Pokemon. What do you have to say about Gangnam Style? It’s Oppan…. not Oppa. Anyways, I think the song is wonderful, and it’s nice to see others enjoying K-pop more. Who’s your favorite One Direction member? Omg!!!! Harry!!!! He is sooo Hawt!!!! Kidding, that’s just the only guy I know. Favorite kind of donut? Chocolate cream donuts. Is santa real? Well duh, why wouldn’t he be. Anything else you’d like to say? Asian Invasion Panda Attack!