Super Bowl Preview

With the conclusion of the divisional championships last weekend, the stage is set for an epic throwdown between the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens. As with every Super Bowl, the atmosphere is ripe with a multitude of interesting storylines. Both teams barely missed out on playing in the Super Bowl last year and the winning coach will have his first Super Bowl ring. What will most likely be the most overused media storyline is the fact that the two head coaches are the Harbaugh brothers, Jim (49ers) and John (Ravens). The legacy of several players will also be decided in this Super Bowl as linebacking great Ray Lewis, alleged murderer and defensive team leader of the Ravens, plans on retiring after this game. Both teams feature explosive offensive teams that are led by several star players. **** Led by quaterback Colin Kaepernick, San Francisco was the 4th ranked regular season rushing offense. On the other side Baltimore, which features the 16th best regular season total offense and the 11th ranked rushing offense, will be led by quaterback Joe Flacco, running back Ray Rice and deep threat receivers Torrey Smith and Anquan Boldin. Perhaps the most interesting matchup of the game will be the look into the evolution of the quaterback position that it provides. While Flacco plays with more of a traditional pocket passer role, relying on a big arm to exploit downfield throws, Kaepernick seems to represent the future of the position. A hybrid pocket passer and explosive runner, Kaepernick has given defenses fits with both his feet and his arms. Kaepernick’s ability to run and properly execute the read option (a type of play in which the quaterback can chose between throwing the ball, handing it off to the running back or running it himself) is an aspect of his game that is especially hard to defend. Even for those who aren’t interested in football or don’t want to watch a sport that allows an alleged murderer to play in the biggest game of the season, there are several other reasons to watch. The commercials are always excellent, as competition for Super Bowl ad space is highly competitive. Additionally, pop star legend Beyonce will be performing the half time show, which in itself is reason to watch. The game and the other festivities that surround it promise to be action-packed and eventful, further continuing the legacy of America’s favorite February pastime.