Star Trek Wars Brought to you by Aperture Science

Writer, producer and director J.J. Abrams has confirmed that he will be Directing and producing Star Trek Fall to Darkness, Star Wars VII, and plans on working with Valve to make both Portal and Half-Life movies. This man has been trusted with four movies/video game franchises that each have their own cult followings, if he doesn’t deliver with cutting edge films it’s safe to say he will certainly have some hell to pay. Abrams is known for writing, directing, and producing various television shows and movies such as Alias, Lost, Armageddon, Cloverfield, and Super 8. Abrams has won three Emmys for his writing among numerous other awards. With a long history of directing and producing action and drama movies and TV shows it will be interesting to see him make such a large leap into Science Fiction. Interestingly Abrams reportedly said he tried to bring a little bit Star Wars into Star Trek, when the series was originally rebooted in its first installment. This is funny because George Lucas drew a lot of his inspiration from Star Trek in the first place when making the original trilogy. With this said it’s hard not to wonder if we will we end up seeing one set of beloved Sci-Fi character from one universe in a seemingly identical film in 2013, then another in 2015 with another set of characters due to the fact that Abrams is directing both. On top of the controversy of Abrams directing both Star Wars and Star Trek Abrams will be working with video game company Valve to produce both Portal and Half Life movies. Video Game titles translated into movies have a history of being very poorly done and tend to disappoint fans who loved the game (much like movie remakes of books). Furthermore the storytelling of both games were phenomenal in the first place so it will be interesting to see Abrams try and top the original works in his films.