Rich in New York: Why I love Gossip Girl

There is one thing I’ve always had a fascination with: rich people. They live in fancy houses and seem to have everything one could desire. Even better are teenage rich people. It’s like the life I’d have if I lived in the Upper-East Side and was dealt a particularly lucky set of cards. Not to say I’m not fortunate, but these teenagers have it all. The characters on Gossip Girl are not only extremely rich, but also very powerful and eager to flaunt their wealth. The teenagers are plagued with high school drama common to most students across the nation, however; it is on a much larger and over-dramatized scale. A fight with a father turns into a battle to the death over the largest real-estate company in New York. These people live for material goods, first being money, but they always put family first. Mostly because family is what provides them with the money, and not an actual job or career. Everything’s inherited. And if it’s inherited by the wrong person (Ivy) then everyone hates you and you may as well be poor. Dan is poor and everyone hates him. But he still tries to get into the it crowd, which is tough because he would need different parents or better looks or more money. Dating Serena helped him out, but ultimately the betraying-all-of-his-friends thing really did him in. Everything aside, Gossip Girl is just proclaiming the almighty truths that those who are born into wealth have been chosen, by God, to serve as the leaders and role models of the Western world.