My Re-Education

Growing up, I thought I had a pretty balanced life. I played sports, read a lot, and had plenty of friends. However, I’ve now been informed by many of my friends that I was wrong. Since I’ve been in theater, I’ve been exposed to a world of things I never even knew I was missing out on. Star Wars, Pokemon, Doctor Who… Around my drama friends, I felt as if I was foreigner, unable to speak their language. References went over my head, huge events meant nothing to me… For the first time in my life, I was clueless. When they realized just how out of it I was, the endeavored to teach me the way of life I was missing. Now, with the help of my self-proclaimed nerd of a boyfriend, I’m becoming increasingly knowledgeable about all things “geek”. Pokemon? Yeah, I’ve got an emulator on my phone. Emerald for the win! My Mightyena is pretty dang impressive, but I’m working on evolving my Aron at the moment. Sure, sure, anyone who grew up playing probably is facepalming at how much of a n00b I am, but I’m trying!!! Through my education, I have learned that anything British is far superior to the best that America has to offer. With this in mind, I have begun to BBC on occasion, and am currently watching the Hulu exclusive Spy (thanks Gavin!). The biggest thing I’ve taken out of that portion is that I REALLY wish I had born in Britain. Their accents are amazing! The one thing I can claim to have had some knowledge about for a while is Doctor Who. I started watching years ago when I stumbled upon it while channel surfing. While I can’t call myself an avid Whovian, I at least have some idea of what’s going on (Angles Take Manhattan made me cry, anyone else?). In this weird in-between, I know more than those who care nothing for their nerdy side, but far, far less than those who have devoted their lives to it. But honestly, that describes me quite well. I am Troy Bolton. I am a jock, a performer, a student, and though I may not know everything about any of these areas, I’d say I do them all pretty damn well. Got ideas for my nerducation? Let me know!!!