A Good Day Not to Watch Die Hard

If I had to rank all of the Die Hard movies it would go Die Hard, Live Free or Die Hard, Die Hard with a Vengeance, Die Hard 2, then finally A Good Day to Die Hard . The Die Hard franchise has consistently made average to above average action movies throughout the last two and half decades, however, A Good Day to Die Hard failed to meet up with those expectations. A Good Day to Die Hard followed the same type of storyline as the last four Die Hard movies. For those who haven’t seen any of the previous Die Hard movies, essentially there is a New York City detective named John McClane who takes on some sort of arrogant bad guy, then something about his dysfunctional family and a whole bunch of one-liners get mixed in. In this installment, John McClane flies to Moscow to retrieve his angsty son Jack and inevitably ends up fighting a plethora of Russian goons, none of whom you will ever get to know anything about other than Yuri, whose most interesting characteristic is his beard. Although A Good Day to Die Hard had a couple intense action scenes and Bruce Willis returned with his usual “I don’t care about anything” attitude, the movie had a lot of unforgivable flaws. The two things that made Die Hard and Live Free or Die Hard exceptional movies were their awesome bad guys and John McClane’s side-kicks, however, in A Good Day to Die Hard , John’s sidekick (so to say) is his annoying and angsty son Jack. The only thing that Jack brings to the table in this movie is an hour and a half of grumpiness and a couple sappy father-son moments between him and his father. Jack completely fails in comparison with Justin Long’s character in Live Free or Die Hard , Carl from Family Matters in Die Hard , and Samuel L. Jackson as Zeus Carver in Die Hard with a Vengeance . On top of this, the movie refuses to focus on a single villain for more than five minutes. This is a huge let down after the fantastic cyber-villain, Thomas Gabriel from Live Free or Die Hard and Hans & Simon Gruber from Die Hard and Die Hard with a Vengeance . What it all boils down to is that A Good Day to Die hard was alright, especially compared to most other action movies, but i would highly recommend watching any of the other Die Hard movies over A Good Day to Die Hard , even if you have already seen them. In comparison to the others, A Good day to Die Hard is just really lame. I would have to give it a five out of ten and that’s being a tad generous.