Olympus Has Fallen Review

I have enjoyed every movie starring Gerard Butler that I have seen and the same thing goes for Olympus has fallen. If i had to use one word to describe Olympus has Fallen it would have to be “rad”. Olympus has fallen was an action movie done right, with a fantastic cast to boot. Olympus has fallen, directed by Antoine Fuqua, stars Gerard Butler as a discharged secret service trying to save the president, played by Aaron Eckhart, after being kidnapped by North Korean terrorists. The movie had a tendency to quickly escalate into intense sequences of action a drop of a hat, which I would speculate is to represent the unpredictable nature of being a secret serviceman. The first half of the movie is a series of radical actions with rad gunfights, rad hand to hand combat, and most importantly rad explosions. The intense action eventually tapers off and is replaced by Mike Banning going stealth mode dispatch henchman after henchman. As with most action movies Olympus has fallen was delivered with many problems that took away from the experience. The movie had some serious pacing issues jumping back and forth between loud action scenes to a bunch of people all sitting uncomfortably close to each other in a cliche war room more times than I cared to count. Not to mention the first and second half of the movie seemed almost like two different movies as far as style went. There were also a number of just embarrassingly corny scenes that served absolutely no purpose and were extremely uncharacteristic to everything that was going on in the situation. Also it really bothered me that the emergency nuclear launch system “Cerberus” which was assumedly developed by a number of high ranked politicians and nuclear physicist had the most obvious and damning flaw imaginable and that became the focus of the entire movie. The thing that bothered me the most however was that not a single person thanked Mike Banning at the end of the movie after preventing a global nuclear fallout, I mean that’s just poor manners. Despite these flaws Olympus has fallen was truly entertaining and worthwhile movie to see. The premise of the movie was unique and delivered in a way that I didn’t anticipate going into the movie. The cast was fantastic, Gerard Butler fit into his role perfectly, Rick Yune did a fantastic played a very convincing villain reminiscent to his role in the bond movie Die Another Day, and you can never go wrong with Morgan Freeman. I didn’t really care for Aaron Eckhart as the president the role didn’t really seem to mesh with him, and given the circumstances I kept imagining him turning into two face the entire movie. Furthermore Trevor Morris did a fantastic job with the score of the movie making each scene all the more intense. On top of all of the at the conclusion of the movie you can’t help but to feel some Murican spirit. Olympus Has Fallen was by no means an amazing movie but it was still very entertaining. Like i said before the best way to describe the movie is that it was rad. With all things considered I would have to give the movie a solid seven out of ten.