Detention Rocks: Here’s Why

If a teacher or an administrator were to give you detention, chances are you would be somewhat disappointed. Why wouldn’t you be? It’s an inconvenience. However, if you were to stop focusing on the negatives associated with detention, you may find that it has a few sweet perks. I was able to think of a couple: 1. Detention is typically about 20-30 minutes long. That’s the perfect amount of time to complete all the busy worked you’re assigned that day, i.e. spanish homework. 2. Spence is almost always at detention; this serves as a perfect opportunity to get some one on one time and score some browning points. Granted, Spence could get the wrong idea of you considering you were irresponsible enough to land yourself in detention, but that just means you’ll have to work extra hard at sucking up. 3. Possibly the best part of detention is that once it’s over, there is virtually no traffic in the parking lot. That means you don’t get caught in a line of cars to get out of the parking lot and where you need to be. 4. Detention is a great place to meet people that you may never get a chance to know otherwise. Detention is full of colorful characters that have a lot to offer society; I’m sure they’d be great additions to your friend circle. 5. Finally, detention is full of possibility. Specifically, I’m referring to the possibility of romance. If we can take anything away from movies, it’s that love is often found hiding in detention. Such movies include, High School Musical, Freaky Friday, 10 things I Hate About you, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s stone, and of course the detention classic, The Breakfast Club. All I’m saying, is next time your name is called over the loud speaker and you are forced to serve a detention, don’t dread it. As I’ve shown you, detention has a lot to offer, and you’d be a fool not to capitalize.