Nanowrimo- the month of literature nerds

Nanowrimo- the month of literature nerds
March 7, 2016

Halloween is done and to most businesses this means Christmas has begun.  Christmas catalogs are being sent out and presents are being prepared, but to many nerds there’s something else to do before...

Jessica Jones Doesn’t Jones around

Jessica Jones Doesn't Jones around
December 15, 2015

With Daredevil as proof that Marvel, teamed up with Netflix, can tackle far more adult themes than they had previously no time was lost in jumping right into the heart of things with Jessica Jones.  Though...

Quiet in the MC

A common scene in the MC
November 11, 2015

There is a reason librarians are traditionally portrayed as the people who only show up when someone is being loud, only to shush them or kick them out.  The reason is that libraries are supposed to be...

Vampire Bugs

if you listen closely they are also always saying
October 21, 2015

People who use the track on a regular basis, or have ever used it at all, will recognize the bugs that always seem to show up on the sides.   Small, round, and black, these scarab-like bugs have made...

The Mystery Period

The Mystery Period
October 6, 2015

The new plus period has been a point of much debate and contention; however, no one in the general public seems to have any idea how it is supposed to work. “What we are trying to do is make sure...

German Night

May 11, 2015

For those of you not familiar with the German class tradition, German night (or Deutsch Abend), is a night that happens once a year where the fourth year German students show off movies that they have...


April 27, 2015

My dad’s favorite book to read to us kids when we were little was The Hobbit.  I, unfortunately, was a “bad kid” and just couldn’t get into it, so he read me a different book, and one that in...


April 15, 2015

The last TV show I really watched on the CW was a rip-off version of pokemon except with dinosaurs.  To be perfectly frank it was awful, but I kept watching it because I love dinosaurs, so I didn’t...

OCD is not a joke

OCD is not a joke
April 14, 2015

Like most mental illnesses, Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) is generally misunderstood.  How many times have I heard that people with schizophrenia are crazy, or that people with depression are just...

Leave vegans alone

It's just food, shove it in your pieholes and move on.
March 30, 2015

In response to "Vegans need to chill." I’ve seen it before, definitely.  I’ve encountered vegans getting on people’s cases because they think they’re better than everyone else since they don’t...

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