PDAs: please stop

PDAs: please stop

just stop doing it. gross.
Stefan Kraus' Ghost, Unfortunately Spectating Spectre February 26, 2014

Strolling down the halls can be a harrowing adventure. The midst of the writhing sea of students includes such characters as randies randomly turning around, that freshman who is sprinting, the couple...

Students being Bro-pressed

Students being Bro-pressed

A heartbreaking tale of swole-shaming, big-otry, and mirin' by the jelly hate-riarchy
Stefan Kraus' Ghost, Ghost of Swole Dude February 26, 2014

Winter Madness 2k13 Pajama Theme day, 2013. It was a cold day, but not as cold as the hearts of a few Ames High Students. As I made my way to the front doors, my bright hopes that I would have a fun Monday,...

Why do we worship Soccer?

Why do we worship Soccer?

A Shocking Expose
Stefan Kraus' Ghost, Former WEB Staff February 26, 2014

I love Ames High. I highly appreciate everything about the students, teachers and resources at our school. If I could choose to take a bunch of required classes I don’t care about anywhere in the world,...

Uncle Stefans Wild Predictions

Uncle Stefan’s Wild Predictions

News that will have has been about to be breaking news.
Stefan Kraus, Wizard January 14, 2014

Due to the long turnover time of our news articles, in order to continue supplying the latest news to the students of Ames High, we will be reporting on stories FROOMMMM THE FUUUTUUUURE. These articles...

Which is Santa, which is Karl Marx? The answer may surprise you.

Christmas: Communist Conspiracy?

Santa's Secret Socialist Society
Stefan Kraus, Opinion Haver November 13, 2013

The slow dwindling of bro-tank sightings and the crystallization of my nipples into perfect replicas of the Hope Diamond signal the fast approach of the winter solstice. In honor of this charitable time...

Behold the face of your Deity.

Super Monkey Ball 2

ball so hard
Hill Wang, Stefan Kraus, and October 29, 2013

The relentless turning of the earth brings new wonders into the blinding glory of the sun’s radiance with each new day. Empires rise and fall, kings are born and assassinated, mathematical laws guide...

DoTA 2 lolz at LoL

DoTA 2 “lolz” at LoL

An objective comparison of popular MOBAS.
Stefan Kraus, Resident Professor of Broscience October 3, 2013

In light of the flood of interest in LoL among the students of Ames High, I decided to dip my toe into the swirling eddies of this Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. Unfortunately, the raging river of quality...

Disney stars, downward spirals

Disney stars, downward spirals

Stefan Kraus, Resident Professor of Broscience September 26, 2013

The steep downward spiral into obscurity leading out of the back door of Universal Studios is pockmarked by the drug-laced craters left by fallen Disney stars. Like physical stars, the period of luminescence...

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