Sahar Sebghati, Reviews Editor

After frequent hospital visits, a new school year, another house, and a different town, beloved Physics teacher Elizabeth Brenneman gave birth to her second child on October 28th. Rebekah Lynn Brenneman weighed in at six pounds, seven ounces, and measured nineteen inches long.

Although giving birth is said to be one of the happiest moments in a woman’s life, the time period where Mrs. Brenneman was pregnant was anything but normal. Rebekah entered the picture during the family of three’s recent move.

The Brenneman’s relocated from Roland to Radcliffe due to her husband’s new job. Moving is a stressful process for everyone, but imagine moving while you’re pregnant.

“I think it made for some additional stress on me and may have contributed to the number of times I had to go in to the hospital for contractions,” said Mrs. Brenneman.

Mrs. Brenneman wasn’t the only one who’s life was changing. A new sibling can be hard to accept if you’re use to being the only child, however, rest assured, the families first child, 3 year old William has already accepted his status as a new big brother.

“I think my son understood the baby thing. I wasn’t sure he was going to ‘get it’ since he is only three. But when he came to the hospital room, his first words were, ‘She’s out!’ That was neat,” Mrs. Brenneman said. “Then he proceeded to use a stethoscope to check her out. He also tried to kiss her and said he wanted to play with her.”

The day before her departure, Mrs. Brenneman said goodbye to all her physics classes-that is until December when she returns! Her substitute, retired DMACC Physics professor, Frank Trumpy, is already adjusting well to her classes.

“The biggest change when you have a newborn is probably related to time management. I am getting to know Rebekah and want to cuddle her and take good care of her; I also want to talk with my friends and family about her; but I also have to eat and sleep and take care of myself,” explains Mrs. Brenneman.

Currently living in their new house in Radcliffe, the family is doing great. Her physics students are excited for her and are anticipating her return next month. She added, “I want to get a big shout out to the awesome teachers at Ames High who came out and helped me move. That was so cool!”