It’s Not ‘Cool’ to Hate Popular Things

Hannah Sumpter and Braxton Buser

The word basic can be used in several different ways. For example, in chemistry class. A compound can be basic, or acidic. Or, if you’re a millennial, the word basic is an insult to you. The girl you don’t like that’s always wearing uggs and leggings could be a likely candidate for such an insult. But what’s so wrong with liking popular things?

Anyone who wakes up at 6am on a winter Iowa morning knows the most inviting thing to slip on before spending a day at an even colder AHS are Uggs. They’re cute and they do their job, yet they’re often subject to insult.

It’s very in style right now to be different. It’s cool that you enjoy local coffee shops and love indie music, but that doesn’t mean it’s uncool to love Starbucks and Justin Bieber. Leave people alone and let them like what they like. It doesn’t make you any more edgy or mysterious because you hate popular things. Chances are, they’re popular for a reason.