Post Prom


Emma Stewart, Opinion Editor

Behind every great post prom is a plethora of parents willing to give up their time for the cause of us prom-goers not to get into any trouble prior to the dance (because we all know that’s the real reason for this fun event). They spend their days in search of donors willing to give away money, food, and prizes for our enjoyment, all while raising enough money for the next year’s post prom.

For those who don’t know what post prom is, think of it as an extension to all the fun you have at prom – minus the fancy dresses and suits. Some skip the dance all together and just show up at post prom! Why would they do this? Free food, bouncy houses, prize giveaways, and a hypnotist are why; and all this is brought to us by a group of dedicated parents from the junior class.

All of the parents meet every few weeks at the school to collaborate their ideas and update the others on food, budget, decorations, prizes, and more. However, on their own, the parents are split into groups in charge of each category. The parents in charge of prizes hunt down everything from Go-Pros to Ray Bans to mini fridges (all of which will prizes offered at this years post prom).You can even take a look at the treasure trove of prizes available in the glass case outside student services!

The food committee also hunts down deals in food form, all of which span from burritos to chinese food. The food committee works hard to get the food that students have enjoyed before, “We pooled several students to see what they liked most from past post proms and we basically got more of the food that they liked,” Kelly Stewart, a member of this years post prom committee, told The WEB. Local food businesses play a huge part in getting the high school the food us students demand, “Ames area businesses are incredibly generous in donating to post prom every year,” Stewart said.

In attending post prom, there are a few things every student needs to remember. Number one, don’t forget to dress nicely. Anyone in anything less than business attire will not be allowed entrance to the event. Number two, don’t actually dress nicely… show up in shorts and a t-shirt and have a good time. There’s nothing fancy about post prom, so don’t forget to have fun, gorge yourself on all the food, and sign up for as many giveaways as possible. Lastly, remember to thank the parents you see there, they put too much work into post prom to go unnoticed.