The 5 issues multi activity students are likely to face


Sam Stuve, Reporter

There are a lot of multi sport/activity students in our high school. Some of them struggle, some of the flourish. Some people put too much on their plate and it affects how well they do those activities.

This is not to say that regular students face no issues at all. That would be a completely ignorant for me to say. But people that are involved multiple activities (Basketball, DECA, Student Council, etc.) are more likely to come across more issues at school.

What do I mean by issues? What i’m trying to say is that those involved in multiple activities are more likely to struggle in school. Here is my list of issues me and my friends agree upon.

  1. Procrastinating is hard to avoid at times

I believe this is true because some students procrastinate on school work and are more likely to be distracted and not complete their work on time. As a student that is involved in multiple activities (DECA, Football, and Wrestling),

  1. Having too many activities at once can leave you stressed out

I know that at certain times it can feel like you have too much on your plate. You begin to lose track of times which leads to the first issue I talked about and it could also do this as well…

3.Your grades can fluctuate drastically at certain times

Sometimes your grades are going to slip and sometimes they are going to skyrocket. No matter what the circumstance is, you should not blame your teachers for your grade. It’s not right. I have written an article on this before, which you can see below.

  1. You can easily lose touch with your friends who are not in some of your activities

This one hits home for me because I feel like at times I have prioritized sports or DECA so much at times, that I haven’t talked enough with those whom are not in all of those activities that i’m involved with.

  1. Your performance in your sport/club could begin to worsen

This one goes along with point #3. Because you put so much energy in school, your performance in Swimming, The WEB (I know a lot about this one), etc. It can feel like you are giving it everything you got, but you may not be seeing the results that you want. I believe that at times you are going to struggle with certain things in school/clubs or sports. My advice for you guys is this. Ask for help. If you are struggling in something, don’t feel ashamed to ask for help. It will allow you to grow as a person

I am not suggesting that people who are only involved in multiple activities face these issues. I could see how students who are not involved in multiple activities, could struggle with these issues as well. What I am saying is that students are more likely to face these issues when compared to students who are not in multiple activities. My advice to students reading this article is this. Keep your head up and give it your all. If you fall flat on your face, you can learn what you did wrong and learn how to get better at whatever it is that you do. Overall, I encourage you to do multiple activities in High School. I think it will benefit more than hurt you. Finally, when you face these issues, just know that these issues will make you a better student, athlete and a better person.