Teacher Sleep

Lucas Bleyle, Print Manager

It’s widely known that the High School a time of less than adequate sleep for students, but does this trend extend to teachers? An unscientific poll conducted by Chiara Travesset and Lucas Bleyle concludes that sampling of teachers from all different departments sleep 6 and a half hours a night. According to the national sleep foundation adults (26-64) need 7-9 hours of sleep, meaning the average AHS teacher is functioning on not enough sleep.

On the low end we have Mrs. Deam who gets 5 and half hours. Mrs. Deam attempts to go bed early enough at 9:30, but wakes up early in the morning and can’t fall back to sleep.

“I haven’t had 9 hours of sleep for a million years,” Mrs. Deam said. She said her lack of sleep was partly caused by being busy with school related work and partly as a result of troubles sleeping all the way through the night.

“First I lie in bed and get mad because I am a wake and then I get up and do the work.” Mrs. Deam makes the most of her early mornings by getting up and beginning her day early. Mrs. Deam said she usually functions well on her current amount of sleep with the aid of the occasional daytime nap.

On the high end we have Mrs. Brenneman getting 8 hours of sleep. She goes to bed at 10:00 and gets up 6. “I think I function pretty well on this much sleep but I enjoy sleeping in a little later or going to bed a little earlier from time to time,” Mrs. Brenneman said.

The teachers sleep we talked to hours are as follows:


Mr. Mooney

Bedtime: 9:00

Wake up time: 5:00

Average: 7 hours


Darin Johnson:

Bedtime: 11:00

Wake up time: 5:30

Average: 6 hours 21 minutes


Mrs. Johnson

Bedtime: 9

Wake up: 5

Average sleep: 8:00


Mr. Junck

Bedtime: 12:00

Wake up: 6:00

Average: 5-6 hours


Mrs. Deam

Bedtime: 9:30

Wake up time: 3:00

Average: 5:30


Ms. Edster

Bedtime: 11:00

Wake up time: 5:20

Average: 6:20

Functions well with coffee


Mr. Brekke

Bedtime: 10:30

Wake up time: 4:50

Average: 6:19


Mr. Reichert

Bedtime: 10:00

Wake up: 5:00

Average: 6:00



Mrs. Brenneman

Bedtime: 10:00

Wake up: 6:00

Average: 8:00


Mrs. Jurgensen

Bedtime: 9:00

Wake up time: 4:00

Average Sleep: 7:00


Mr. Ripley

Bedtime: 10:00

Wake up time: 6:00

Average: 8:00



5-6 hours


Mr. Anderson

Bedtime: 12:00

Wake up time: 5:30

Average: 5:30

*Has a newborn child


Mr. Reichart

Bedtime: 10:30-11

Wake up time: 5:30

Average: 7

Drinks so much coffee (like 6-8 cups per day)


Mrs. Sullivan (Social Studies)

Bedtime: 11

Wake up time: 5-5:30

Average: 6-7