Get caught up in the Spider Verse


Corinne Sailor, Reporter

Into the Spider-Verse is impressive and entertaining, a dynamic and visually appealing movie that looks perfect as a three-dimensional version of the offset-printed comics. The story is clever and somewhat complicated. It moves quickly through fun bits that show just how much Miles loves being the superhero he always admired as a kid. It also presents his struggles with figuring out his ability and hiding his new identity from his father.

The use of colors is impressive–the animators were able to create a trippy, dreamy, three-dimensional world, but it keeps the style of a classic comic book. Into the Spider-Verse also features great character development.

At the beginning of the movie, Miles starts out feeling insecure and lacking the confidence to control his abilities and complete the task given to him. These failures make Miles doubt himself and cause others to believe that Miles isn’t ready to become Spider-Man. As the movie develops, Miles starts to develop confidence as he learns from his mistakes and the others around him.

Miles’ father also develops throughout the movie, starting out as a strict parent who tries to some extent to control what his son does, but eventually learning to trust Miles and support Miles’ choices for his own life.

Overall, this movie is recommended for its great animation, characters, and soundtrack. It might not be the best choice for little kids because of some scenes of violence and the complex story, but it’s great for fans of the Spider-Man comics and anyone who loves animated movies.