Get Out and Go See Jordan Peele’s New Movie

Jourdan-Ashle Barnes, Reporter

Jordan Peele, one half of the Key and Peele duo, has achieved the coveted one hundred percent Rotten Tomatoes rating for his new film titled Get Out. Peele uses comedy, horror, and drama to harmoniously highlight the theme of racism. The film addresses microaggressions, stereotypes, and many other things that occur in interracial relationships today.

Charles Manley
Jordan Peele, the director of the hit movie Get Out

In the film, many black characters are hypnotized into a mental state where they have no control over their bodies but can see and hear everything going on, this is referred to as the sunken place. The sunken place is a metaphor for the feelings of black people in America. Often, African-Americans and other people of color feel a sense of paralysis in regards to race relations.

Peele creates a parallel between slavery and the sunken place. The bodies of the black victims that are hypnotized into the sunken place become slaves to the minds of their white counterparts. During slavery, black bodies were exploited for labor and breeding. In Get Out, black bodies are exploited for a multitude of reasons, all the way from looks to golfing ability.

Another important theme in the movie is the role liberal “allies” play in racism. Initially, many of the characters seem to have good intentions and to be anti-racist. However, throughout the film these characters display various micro-aggressions that escalate to an extreme form of racism. Peele brings to light how many liberals may portray themselves as allies, however, deep down they do still hold onto certain racist ideologies.

In his directorial debut, Jordan Peele solidifies himself as an excellent director and screenwriter. Peele took the risky leap of shifting away from comedy, a category in which he shined, to horror which is often very difficult to produce a quality movie in. The film had a budget of $5 million and has already grossed over $100 million. Get Out is a political commentary that will make you laugh, jump, and leave the theater questioning everything.