Richards directs his way to stardom

The Ames High Film Festival will be April 8th in the AHS auditorium. The festival is a great way to view and admire the hard work and talent of AHS’ aspiring filmmakers. In the past few years of the festival’s history, one student has shined at this event. There’s no other way to put it, senior Andy Richards is very good at making movies. The only (well, not really) way to see his latest masterpiece is to attend the film festival this year. The WEB: How long have you been making and starring in movies? Andy Richards: I made my first movie with [senior] Kevin Berg during freshman year. It was called Sam’s Choice and it was about a kid who fell in love with Sam’s Choice brand soda pop. W: How great is your movie this year? R: This year’s movie is titled The Picnic Adventure of Roger and Faggio. It stars [senior] Ross Koppenhaver and [junior] Jon Link. It should be enjoyable for the film festival audience. W: How do you feel about your competition in the film festival? R: Last year’s film festival was the best I’ve been to in terms of student film quality. I’m hoping that the trend continues this year. Kevin Berg is sure to produce a memorable movie, and I hear that the students in Asian Club are working on something, too. W: I hear that you’re planning to attend the University of Iowa next year. What are some of your college plans? R: I’m entering college as a cinema major. Hopefully, I can leave college with enough experience and knowledge to make an independent film. W: Where can one go to see your movies? R: I’ll be making a DVD that includes The Picnic Adventure of Roger and Faggio and another short film that I made with social studies teacher Chuck Stevens. It will be for sale a week or so after the film festival and shouldn’t cost more than a few bucks. Students can come talk to me if they are interested in a copy. The film festival is not the only way to see Richards’ amazing film work. His short film, An Interview with Mr. Stevens: Super Hero Extraordinaire is a Top 20 Finalist in the Ivysport Excellence for Life Scholarship competition. You can view the film online at