Prom in the Cafeteria

The words “insane” and “stupid” have been thrown around a lot. While, yes, this over-usage may or may not have brought down the severity of its meaning, still, Prom this year will be held in the AHS cafeteria, breaking a tradition as old as time itself. Junior (senate), what the hell happened? Let’s start off with a paraphrased story that senior Katelyn Eilers told me . Apparently, last year’s prom committee faced the same problem, that the Scheman Building (also known as the Kickass building), costs a lot to rent. However, like true heroes, last year’s committee handled the problem with genius, fundraising (over $10,000 raised), and sheer badass-ery, evident in the fact that last year’s Midnight Masquerade was, in fact, held at Scheman. All in all, it was a kick-ass prom. Which leads us back to the first point. This year, what’s up? No seriously. Somebody write a letter to the editor and explain this to me. The thing about senior prom is that, for seniors, it’s pretty much the last crazy high school experience that isn’t AP tests and/or finals. After spring break, basically with the last stretch until freedom and/or college, senior prom is the last bastion of ‘screw it let’s have fun.’ Which is why Prom should be a kick-ass event, held in a kick-ass building that isn’t the cafeteria. Let’s go through a comparison of this year and last year. Like previously stated, last year’s prom was held at the Scheman building. Now, the thing about the Scheman building (other than the fact that it isn’t physically attached to Ames High School), is the atmosphere. There’s a certain feel of class, walking into a building rented out just for the sake of a kick-ass prom. Expensive as hell to rent, I hear, but classy nonetheless. The thing is that Prom isn’t Homecoming, and from what I hear, it’s not Winter Formal. In the end, Prom Committee has but one goal to achieve: creating a kick-ass prom for the soon-to-be graduating seniors. However, that’s hard to do without the atmosphere of the Scheman building. There’s nothing quite like taking an elevator up to the dance floor. It’s that kind of class that makes the evening, and as much as I hate to say this, odds are, the cafeteria just can’t compare. But hey, what do I know? But in the end, I can’t testify to why exactly Prom is being held in the cafeteria. I could draw conclusions, but that may or may not end up as being libel and would be censored by Scott. What I can do, is ask, on behalf of all those disappointed, for an explanation to this unexpected turn of events. And who knows, maybe prom will still be okay.