Calvin "Big Panda" Song

Who’€™s your favorite teacher and why?

I actually have two favorite teachers, Mr. Hill and Mr. Ripley because they have the best humor. It’s always a blast being in their classes.

What are some hobbies of yours?

I love to play tennis, disc golf, bowl, be with friends, and eat.

If you could be any Pokemon, which one would you be?

Snorlax because I love to eat and sleep errday.

What was it like to win state?

Winning state was the best thing that happened to me in tennis. I will always remember that very special day. It was just so nerve racking because we knew we had to win it in doubles. Also, since it was the first time in Ames High history, that made it even more special.

What has been your favorite experience in Ames High so far?

My favorite moment is everyday of high school because I love high school.

What do you think people think about you?

I feel people think I’m extremely loud, tall, nice, not really Asian, and maybe that one kid who did the monkey impression.

Who’€™s your favorite person in the world?

My favorite person would have to be Maddie Kolb.

How’s your driving?

My driving is the best in the world! I should be in the next Fast and Furious movie or NASCAR.

How does it feel to in the WEB now that you are thin?

I am so excited to be back in the WEB. I haven’t been in the WEB since my sophomore year because I’m pretty sure I was told that I couldn’t be in the WEB until I was semi skinny. So I worked my tail off just for the WEB and went from 262 all the way down to 198. But since I love eating and sleeping, I’m back to like 215.