This year the Ames football team has taken some hefty tolls. Seniors Luke Wandling, Adam Maher, Jacob Engelken, and Bo Brammer are all out for the season, and junior Sam Marcov is also missing several games. These injuries are proving tough on the team and how they are playing, and they lead us to the pressing question: why are so many players getting hurt? Is the game of high school football becoming rougher? Are these injuries are going to affect the players and other sports they are in?

The first major injuries were a two for one deal. Both Adam Maher and Bo Brammer got hurt in the same game. Maher suffered from a broken leg, and he will potentially be back depending on how long we make it in the play-offs. Brammer received a concussion, and is also going to be out. Sam Marcov, Luke Wandling and Jacob Engelken have broken legs as of right now.

All will be out for the rest of the season. Junior Sam Marcov plays offensive left guard and he broke the inside of his ankle. “€œI’€™m done for the season but ill be back next.”€

Senior Jacob Engelken 2nd string running back fractured his fibula and will also be out for the entire season. Luke Wandling is a wide receiver and broke both his Tibula and his Fibula and will be out of all sports til track season in which he has high hopes that he will be participating. Many athletes are out and its hurting they moral.

“€œWe joke about being out and hurt but, it actually sucks, we just want to play football.”€ Jacob Engelken stated with teammate Sam Marcov.