The halls are alive with the sound of music

It’s always entertaining to witness your classmates combine their talents of singing and acting to perform for the student body. Kids in the school who may have previously gone unnoticed will come to life on the nights of February 3, 4, and 5 as Ames High students put on a musical entitled “State Fair.” The musical will feature several familiar faces, including seniors Brady Brinkmeyer and Breeana Glenn, juniors Andrea Holtman, Melissa Jones, and Ian Warren, and sophomore Jotham Polashek. “It’s a fun, sometimes corny, musical, but that just adds to the entertainment value,” Warren said. The plot of the musical revolves around a small Iowan family’s trip to the Iowa State Fair. The perfect dose of love, rekindled romance, kissing, and old pigs create a dramatic storyline that will be appreciated by all ages. “The musical is really fun and has really good music. It is also about Iowa (the state we live in), and there aren’t too many musicals about Iowa,” Jones said, who has been in 3 musicals thus far. Besides the singing and acting, the hard work put in by the students to create an all-around breathtaking show cannot be overlooked. Many hours were spent by students practicing lines, creating the set, locating costumes, and adjusting lights to create a solid performance. “The dance scenes choreographed by Andrea Holtman are going to be especially awesome, adding to the fun of the whole musical,” Jones said. Go out and support your classmates as they put their talents to use to provide a show that all will surely enjoy. This musical will only be available for three nights, so be sure to catch it while you can. “It’s a lot of fun for everyone involved and everyone has been putting a lot of work into it. Everyone should come on down and see their peers perform,” Jones said.