High school students stay single and positive


In today’€™s society, the classic stereotype of high school students flying through one relationship after another is a hard one to break. However, there is still the minority core of students that are avoiding the drama and complications of being involved in a high school relationship. For a variety of reasons that range from religious beliefs to being just lousy at getting a date, these students are waiting until after graduation to start anything serious.

“€œI just don’€™t think it is very important,” senior Ashton Stott said. “€œI think high school is a time for you to figure out who you are without dealing with a relationship.”€

While not getting a head start on the whole dating game may be seen as a detriment later in life, having a mate is not really necessary for a meaningful life. Many successful adults are without a significant other and seem none the worse for the wear. Even among the halls of Ames High School, one can find the occasional teacher who is lacking a spouse.

“€œIt feels OK,” teacher Charlie Ripley said. “€œI have more freedom then other people my age as far as where my money and time go.”€

However, it is not uncommon to hear a negative comment from time to time when someone stays single throughout high school. Many people view the lack of a significant other as a serious detriment to an individual.

“Single people are the bane of our existence,” junior Chris Jenks said. “They don’€™t do anything to help our society.”€

The integrity of staying single until the beginning of college is a noble pursuit despite what the naysayers may think. Whatever course one may choose to take, it should not be dismissed by a third party who does not know their situation. Being single is just as much of a viable high school lifestyle as having to look after a girl/boy friend.