Socks ‘n stocks

It appears a popular brand of strappy sandals, Birkenstocks, have not gone south for the winter. Instead, it is now socially acceptable for these said stocks to be worn with a pair of socks, providing comfort to the feet of girls and boys alike.

“I wanted to get Birkenstocks as a proper walking shoe for traveling and walking. I wouldn’t say socks and stocks is a fashion statement, but it might be a trend,”€ junior Manisha Gore said, who owns suede mocha stocks in the Granada style.”€œI just wear it because it’s comfortable. And they can be worn all year!”

Although many share Gore’s opinion, other fashionistas beg to differ on the idea of wearing stocks throughout all seasons. “€œI only wear them in the spring, summer, and fall, but I am not prejudiced against those who wear them in winter,”€ senior Hannah Bonestroo said, a 4-year owner of stocks that are blue with squishy soles.

One of the hardest parts of nailing this look is coordinating the perfect pair of socks with the stocks. With many sock options including plain, patterned, fuzzy, and wool, it can be overwhelming to choose just the right look.

“€œI usually wear dark colored socks with mine, but other colors can be fun,” Gore said. “€œOver-the-top patterns don’t always look good, but I do approve of wearing seasonal socks around holidays; I wore candy corn socks with stocks on Halloween!”

On the other hand, some students aren’t huge fans of any type of socks worn with stocks. “€œI have never worn socks with stocks. It defeats the purpose of having open toed shoes,” Bonestroo said. “€œI think people who want to look chill wear them. I know from an inside source that the selecting of the socks to wear with stocks is a very difficult process.”€

According to senior Angela Zhang, a non-owner of Birkenstocks, one word comes to mind upon seeing someone strutting socks and stocks: jealousy. “It took long enough to convince my parents to buy me a pair of Chacos. They’re on the same level as Birkenstocks. Right?” Zhang said. “Anyway, I think Maddie Topf wore it the best; she wore these really distinguished white tube socks with her classy stocks.” Any new trend is bound to get a plethora of reactions.

Naturally, some hard core judging can occur. “When I see someone else wearing their stocks with socks, I think, ‘Hey, they must have good taste, they’re wearing socks and stocks!’ And then, I judge their sock-stock-outfit coordination,” Gore said.

Others may have slightly less sympathetic reactions. “I am not prejudiced to other people’s styles, but sometimes I think people who wear socks with Birkenstocks are trying too hard to look like they aren’t trying at all,” Bonestroo said. “I have no reaction when I see someone wearing socks with stocks, however, wearing mismatched socks with stocks is taking it too far.”€