Harry Potter Club brings magic back to AHS

After the release of 7 Harry Potter books and 8 films that spanned a total of 14 years, you probably thought that the Harry Potter craze had come to an end. Well, you would be wrong! Ames High School has risen to the task of perpetuating the HP craze with the installation of a brand new Harry Potter Club.

Harry Potter Club, also known as Dumbledore’€™s Army, is made up of four houses with Mr. Webb as Headmaster Voldemort (make of that what you will). Lupe Macintosh and Laura Graveline are the Head Boy and Girl (respectively) as well as the creators of Harry Potter Club. Ames High has a large following of HP fans- the last two movies garnered excitement that lasted on Facebook feeds for more than two weeks.

In the last couple of years, hype for Pottermore reached an all time high, and it seems that this year, Harry Potter Club will take up the mantle of ensuring that the popularity of Harry Potter remain at a high at AHS.

Slytherin Prefect Carla Beghin had a lot to say about the club. “€œEveryone should join because it’s Harry Potter Club and it’s really awesome!”€ she said. €œ”And, we’re going to have Quidditch, Harry Potter Dress-Up Days, movie nights, and other house specific activities! Everyone should get involved.”

For all prospective Hogwarts students looking to join up, they should do the following: Go to hogwart-ahs.tumblr.com and click ‘Join Now!’ Take the Sorting Quiz on the site, or (if you have a Pottermore and have taken the quiz), you can just include the house Pottermore sorted you into in your message. It should have your name, grade, email address and then house/answers to quiz questions if not house.

Otherwise, you can talk to Lupe Mactintosh (or Laura Graveline, or one of the prefects for a house you were sorted into. If you are a Slytherin, talk to Melissa Frana or Carla Beghin; Gryffindors to Megan Diesslin and Sara Diressova; Ravenclaws to Kate Bergin and Davis Rice; and Hufflepuffs to Ian Warren and Natalie Paxton.

Harry Potter has been one of the most popular and influencing literary additions to our world, and especially for our generation. Harry Potter Club aims to bring together any HP fans who want to let that experience continue. In the words of Prefect Carla Beghin, “So much Potter, so little time!”