Certainties and Uncertainties of High School


Braxton Buser, Reporter

There’s not much to be certain of in high school. Maybe small things, like what time you’re going to force yourself to get up each morning, what teachers are easier than others, basic things like that… but not much else. Learning to take all of that uncertainty and make it my friend was something that helped me a lot in the end.

Waking up each morning stressing out about what could or couldn’t happen with classes, teachers, friends, homework, parents, and every other little thing wasted a lot of my time that could have been spent on making myself happy. High school is the time to let change happen, and learn from all of the uncertainty.

I wanted to be certain I’d wake up every day with the same friends, the same grades, the same schedule, and for everyone and everything to be okay. I wish I could tell my past self that the only thing I should have worried about was making sure I woke up each day with a positive mindset wanting to make myself happy. Everything that needs to happen and be worked out, will happen and be worked out. Enjoy your life and time in high school and don’t let anyone or anything get to you too much.