10% of the School Missing

10% of the School Missing

Sonja Paulson, Features and Profiles Editor

When a student starts feeling ill, they typically ignore their boy’s plea to stay home and rest and instead wake up at 7 am to attend school. Most students do this, and when doing so, they put other healthy students at risks of becoming sick as well. These once healthy students become sick but they too, come to school to not get behind in their work. This cycle quickly snowballs and before you know it, 10% of the Ames High population is out sick in just one day.

10% of the school would not have been gone if it hadn’t been for the amount of pressure that is put on the students to come to school. Students are too afraid to miss school and risk the chance of missing tests, quizzes, or homework checks.

If there wasn’t so much pressure on students to be healthy and at school all the time, kids would not feel the need to come to school despite their illness. Students at Ames High need to be told it is alright to take care of themselves and not just their grade. Ames High does an excellent job in motivating their students to do well in class, but there is a point to where the students need to know that it is ok to miss a day or two of school.

Hopefully in the future students will not feel the pressure to come to school and will instead stay home and rest.