Just an average tiger mother posing with her cubs.

Tiger Mothers Paws All Fun

Hill Wang, Reporter December 12, 2013

What does stress mean to the average student at Ames High? Is it that fear one feels after having procrastinated too long on Reddit? Or that sudden realization that, a period ago, your two essays and project...

Howe 2 Sav $

Howe 2 Sav $

Hill Wang, Reporter November 11, 2013

    Imagine a late night, you’re out partying and all of a sudden, the party runs out of red plastic cups. Your friends are too wasted from kool-aid to comprehend the issue. You must save the world....

Senior Tyler Wessels doing his thing.

What are sports?

Hill Wang, Reporter September 27, 2013

Students were met with decorations of orange and black on Sept. 12, commemorating the coming football game against Ankeny Centennial. Little do the Little Cyclones realize, but the decorations symbolize...

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