The student newspaper of, by, and for Ames High School.


The student newspaper of, by, and for Ames High School.


The student newspaper of, by, and for Ames High School.


Winter Tidings

Winter Tidings

Corinne Sailor, Comic Artist December 16, 2019

Teachers, Heres Your Semester Report Card

Teachers, Here’s Your Semester Report Card

Logan Adams-Bacon December 16, 2019

Generally speaking, all students have wanted to rate their teacher - No matter if it is a good or bad rating, we have all wanted to give our opinions at some point. But where are we allowed to do that?...

Terminator again! by Andy Veilski is licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0

Is the Terminator Series Even Good Anymore?

Logan Adams-Bacon December 16, 2019

I think it is safe to say that basically everyone alive knows the Terminator series. If you don't, please feel free to leave this article and go read something else. For those of you that stayed, the Terminator...

Photo Provided by Avery Suza

Music Man Avery Suza

Akshata Gandhe December 16, 2019

As high school students, we spend hours procrastinating. One thing we all struggle with is time management, with all the schoolwork, extracurriculars and the pressure of having a social life makes it even...

Sanitary Products

The Bloody Truth

Dani Adams-Valenzuela, Guest Writer December 16, 2019

Imagine this: you’re sitting in study hall, when suddenly your friend whispers to you - “Do you have a tampon?” You say yes and discreetly, secretly, slide it to her. She walks to the bathroom with...

Divided Viewpoint: Administration Relations

Divided Viewpoint: Administration Relations

Seth Bequette December 16, 2019

They’re faces that go by in the halls, the lunchroom, who you pass by in the mornings with a short but courteous hello while hurrying inside. They are not seen in the classroom, but by title are meant...

Photo taken on Eid

Holiday Culture of Ames High School: The Different Celebrations of Students

Akshata Gandhe, Reporter December 16, 2019

Chinese New Year The Chinese New Year celebrates the beginning of the new year according to the Chinese calendar. Tiffany Rong, a senior at Ames High shared her family traditions and how they maintain...

The interior of Cafe Milo in west Ames.

Cafes in Ames: Study Review

Akshata Gandhe, Zoe Mamakos, and Seth Bequette December 16, 2019

Lockwood Cafe Located right outside of a neighborhood on the west side of Ames, the Lockwood Cafe is filled with great amounts of light and cool unique features. For only opening an indoor location recently,...

The 2019-2020 Girl Up Group

The Gallant Efforts of Girl Up

Akshata Gandhe, Reporter October 25, 2019

As we approach the end of the first quarter, we all can agree that being at school has gotten a bit monotonous. What better of keeping yourself occupied than joining Ames High Girl Up! Girl Up is an initiative...

Jeremys Joyful Journey through life

Jeremy’s Joyful Journey through life

Akshata Gandhe, Profiles Editor October 25, 2019

Imagine you’ve had a terrible day at school. You’re walking down the stairs with a heavy backpack causing your shoulders to ache with pain. Every step you take is dragging you to the floor and the...

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