May 3, 2017

Usually around this time of year as the temperature drops and finals coming up I fall into a winter induced state of melancholy. I became desperate for some sort of new fix that could entertain me. So...


Peter VanDerZanden, Reporter March 21, 2017

You get home from school head downstairs and tune in to the newest episode of Jeopardy, it’s game night and the popular choice is Monopoly but you really want to play trivial pursuit. Is your mind flooded...

Art is Important

Peter VanDerZanden, Reporter February 28, 2017

During elementary school and middle school students are required (some might say forced) to take art classes. After talking with a variety of students most  of them did not like these classes. They didn’t...

A Portrait of David Vigil

A Portrait of David Vigil

Peter VanDerZanden, Reporter December 9, 2016

When you walk past senior David Vigil in the hallway he might appear as regular guy. You might notice one of his snazzy striped polo shirts or his glorious long hair, but don’t be fooled that is only...

World War Fun

Peter VanDerZanden, Reporter November 17, 2016

For the past few years big first person shooter franchises have been making games take place further and further into the future. A lot of member in the community wanted to see these game developers create...

Q & A with Ethan Gindt

Q & A with Ethan Gindt

Peter VanDerZanden, Reporter October 12, 2016

Many people remember the loud zany character that was Alex Gindt. What many people don’t know is that there is a new Gindt roaming the halls of Ames High this year. I took some time and asked Ethan some...

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