Sabrinna $wegelheimer


Maddie Funk, Reporter

If you attend Ames high, it is very likely that you have been exposed to the eccentric attitude of sophomore student Sabrinna Hegelheimer. Perhaps you have seen someone in a mismatched outfit singing really loudly in the halls. Or maybe you have seen a fast blur go by in the pool or on the soccer field. Odds are, that is probably Sabrinna. But there is much more past her goggle marks and questionable outfit choices.

When asked what her life mottos are, she answered, “Go for the gold. And push it, push it real good”.

Sabrinna lives out these mottos in the activities she attends to everyday. She is an active member of the swim team, the soccer team, student council, iball, and her church.

As soccer season approaches, Hegelheimer is getting ready to take the field. “I’m really excited to learn new tricks and improve my soccer skills. I’m also excited to meet new people and get new twitter followers,” says Sabrinna.

As a freshman, she was a part of the 4-time state champion swim team. This year, the girls sadly ended their streak and came in a close second place. “As a naive freshman, I didn’t know what to expect. After that year my expectations were set pretty high and it’s hard when you don’t meet all of your goals. It was definitely a learning experience.”

In her free time, Sabrinna likes to chill and watch Netflix. Her favorite shows include Lost, The Office, The Blacklist, and Burn Notice. She enjoys getting stronger in everything she does: she can even (apparently) bench 250. Now that Sabrinna is finally 16, she plans on driving to Dairy Queen everyday.

Sabrinna has a hopeful future ahead. She wants to go into business and hotel management when she is older. But for now, she is just cruising through high school with a laidback lifestyle, a loud voice, and a contagious smile. So next time you see a seemingly strange person head-bobbing to the hallway music, you can guess that it is Sabrinna. Feel free to give her a lowkey smile or hit her up with a follow on twitter (@sabrinnahe).