New stadium scoreboard


Sam Stuve, Reporter

It’s big, It’s expensive and it looks cool. What am I talking about? The new Ames High scoreboard. The new scoreboard (located across from the old scoreboard) has arrived and gives AHS a new, unique look.

There was a concern of how we were able to afford the scoreboard. “The school district was able to use the money that was generated from fundraisers and the PPLE (Physical Plant Levy Equipment Fund),” said Judge Johnston, Ames High athletic director.

The project was completed just before the beginning of the school year. However, the plan was in place way before that.

“Spence and I had this vision three years ago to upgrade our scoreboard for a better game day atmosphere and to be able to generate revenue for our school clubs,” said Judge Johnston.

The scoreboard arrival has left many students wondering why we decided to get a new scoreboard.  

“We know we will make about $35,000 in advertisements to be able help out not only the football program, but also our clubs and activities at Ames High,” stated Johnston.

The new scoreboard has many people enthusiastic, including head football coach Bruce Vertanen. “I was excited when I heard that we were getting a new scoreboard/video board in the stadium,” said Coach Vertanen. “Mr. Evans and Mr. Johnston have done a great job of upgrading our facilities and the new scoreboard is a great addition in the stadium.”

With the new scoreboard comes new features. One of those features is the addition of player introductions and the introduction to Ames High football.

Our players were also excited because the video board allowed us to recognize our team through the introduction of our starting lineups and putting together our entrance video,” stated Coach Vertanen.

Mr. Johnston was also thrilled about getting the new scoreboard. “I feel excited, it’s a good feel for our game day atmosphere. It is motivating every time I see it,” Judge Johnston said.

Another one of the features of the new scoreboard is a flex cam, where students can show off their muscles and appear on the big screen.

The scoreboard at Ames High is definitely an upgrade that makes our stadium look cooler than ever before. We could not have done it without the PPLE, fundraisers, Mr. Evans and Judge Johnston.