Skip Stevens, Reporter

Alright guys play the music! Now hit the whip! Now do the naenae! Now hit the Quan! Now freestyle dance for like 45 seconds. Now get ready for the beat drop… Now repeat.”

For a large amount of people, maybe even you, this is a personal summary of their 2015 dance career. Yes it is a solid and jampacked lineup of dance moves, but hold your Michael Jackson socks, and keep your tap shoes on your feet cause there’s one more move to add to this stellar collection of slick techniques. Everybody, hit The Dab.

Created last May by a guy named T-Jay Hayes, the dab is slowly but surely growing in popularity. With youtube views currently at 500,000 plus, mass media is not far from taking the dance viral.

The move itself isn’t complex. If you’ve ever covered a sneeze with your forearm before then you’re sitting in a real good spot. If not, no biggie; the magnificence of this move is still within your grasp. You simply relax both arms. Bend one arm at about 83 degrees. Bring your bent arm close to your face while you duck your head. Finally, move your non-bent arm out to the side. Follow these simple steps and boom! You’ve hit the dab.

That’s all that needs be said. So next time you’re on the dance floor and everyone is having you watch them whip, pull out the big guns and blow their minds with the dab.