My prom play-by-play


The atmosphere was full of life and energy as I climbed the steps of the Memorial Union, in a hurry to make it to pre-prom pictures on time. A few members of our group had decided on this location to take the photographs, standing in front of an empty fountain with the Campanile in the background.


After the 40 minute photo session, we all drove to the Gateway hotel to wait on the arrival of our party bus, which was to take us to Ankeny for pre-prom dinner. The bus pulled up and the people piled in, 30 teenagers crammed into a tight space with lewd music and a stripper pole.


Upon arriving at our destination, the Waterfront seafood restaurant, we exited the van and trooped in to our reserved tables as curious senior citizens looked on and complimented the ladies on their dresses. After enjoying a fine meal of all the best seafood Iowa has to offer, we loaded back onto the bus and returned to prom just in time to be let in to the dance before the 10 o’clock curfew.


Our group immediately splintered, leaving me and three others wondering where the rest had gone. We stayed and danced within our mini-group and with other friends that were discovered among the mess of sweaty faces and expensive dresses. After watching the coronation ceremony, we embarked upon an epic quest in search of coffee and clothes to wear to the after-prom festivities.


When we had completed our expedition, we cruised to the high school and joined the masses in their pursuit of pretend money and raffle prizes, fueled by the crab rangoons and gelato that were among the many food choices being served on the gym balcony.


As 3 a.m. rolled around, most party-goers had had their fill of the after prom carnival and formed a line, waiting to be admitted into the auditorium to watch hypnotist Michael something-or-another toy with his student volunteer’s heads, creating a hilarious spectacle that enamored the entire audience and felt more like a strange dream than anything else. At the end of the show, around 4:20 am, the final grand prize winners were announced and everyone went their merry ways. I left with the three members of my group that I had spent the whole night with, off to one of our houses to watch movies. We crashed in the den, fighting to stay awake as Seth Rogen and Jennifer Lawrence took their turns on the TV screen. The sun came up, breakfast was served, and everybody went home.

I was pessimistic about prom beforehand. It seemed like much ado about nothing, just an expensive excuse for girls to dress up and guys to wait in line at Milroy’s. But I soon realized that there’s a lot more to it. As a sophomore going to a dance specifically for upperclassmen, I expected to feel left out and out of place among all the juniors and seniors. However, the opposite was true. All night I was surrounded by people who just wanted to have a good time, and although I’m sure the night meant more to the soon-to-be-graduated senior class, I got caught up in the festive spirit and had a great time with good friends and fantastic acquaintances. The administration, parent and teacher volunteers, hotel staff, prom committee, and especially my group created a wonderful prom night, and I have to admit that I am definitely looking forward to prom 2k15.