Sam Roberts joins the WEB


In 1950, Edward R. Murrow recruited Walter Cronkite to work for CBS News. In 1969, David Frost was contracted to report for the Group W network. In 1979, Katie Couric was transferred to be an editor for CNN. And in August of 2013, Sam Roberts was recruited to Ames High’s The WEB.

Originally known for his work on the Stall Street Journal, Roberts has taken his reporting skills and brought them full force to the WEB. Moreover, the famed journalist will be able to aid the WEB with his refined technical abilities.

“I think along with Sam’s presence will come his awesome Photoshop skills, as well as his lovely sense of humor,” said Jamie Steyer, one of three editors-in-chief.

Roberts has taken six full semesters of 4D Art (Ames High’s computer arts class) and intends to take two more semesters, though most of his knowledge is self-taught. The WEB staff has reportedly already asked Roberts to make interesting photos to put in the paper, as well as create a new logo for the news source. Overall, however, the one thing Sam Roberts is expected to bring to the WEB is life itself.

“I see a little bit of me in Sam,” said Conor Burke-Smith, editor-in-chief. “Attractive, intelligent, and hardworking, I think he’ll bring almost as much to the WEB as I do.”

When asked if Roberts’ prior experience in journalism at the Stall Street Journal was part of the decision to recruit him, Burke-Smith responded, “…No.”

“I really just joined to fill in my schedule,” Roberts modestly told us. “I don’t really know how to take all this flattery.”

Samuel Roberts’ writing and reporting career will commence immediately this semester, beginning with the article “Sam Roberts Joins the WEB.”