Iowa Assessments Bribe

Sonja Paulson

New this year, the administration is now bribing the students with the opportunity to opt out of two finals upon shown improvement on the Iowa Assessments.However some students are frustrated by having to show enough growth. “I don’t like how I have to show 8 points of growth to get out of my final” says Athena Song, “if I showed growth, just get me out of the final.” Some students also have reservations about new students coming to the school. “I don’t think it is fair for new kids to come and only have to meet proficiency to get out of a final. They barely even have to try.” commented sophomore Nicole Cho.

Another issue some students have about the bribe is the possible message it could give to students. “ I don’t like the bribe because I think it teaches kids that if you work hard you will get something in return but you should work hard no matter what.” says sophomore Gabi Gianello.

Some students are unsure over the subject of the bribe. “I feel like I’m being used for my test scores but I like it because I won’t have to worry about my finals.” commented sophomore Beth Cyr.

On the bright side, the new bribe provides students the option to get out the of final of their most despised classes. Many students are also excited that they just don’t have to study as much and can take more time to relax and not stress over grades. While this is a somewhat controversial topic, it remains an Ames High policy and will hopefully achieve its goal of general improvement for students on Iowa Assessments.Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 10.17.18 AM