House of Stress

Shelby Reeves, Lifestyle Editor

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House of Cards recently dropped its fourth season on Netflix in early March, dead set on scalping myself and other fans. Where many White House dramas fail to surprise, (distraught daughter of Senator in rehab, press secretary is stressed out, the President is a moron) House of Cards throws a dramatic wrench in the monotony and usually kills someone in the process. Claire and Frank Underwood continue to act like deranged children, constantly pitching fits at each other’s expense, trying covering up their southern drawls and various federal crimes, all while dressing very nicely.
After Claire did her wild, melodramatic, “well maybe I AM running for public office, Frank!” whirlwind, the season seemed pretty pointless. The power struggle between Frank and Claire felt petty. Did either of you really need to put the American people in danger with your childish antics? No. In classic House of Cards style, it was so easy to finish the season in about 3 days, taking breaks only to attend class (not necessary, but it’s a legal obligation) and maybe eat a meal. The hostage situation was a particularly gross way to move the Underwood’s abusive storyline forward.
The show is known for Kevin Spacey addressing the camera. In the majority of this season, he essentially ignored the camera. HOWEVER, when it really mattered, he and Claire addressed the camera and I screamed.
In general, this season was chaotic and messy, but well worth the watch.

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