The Croissant Vs. Fast Food

The Croissant Vs. Fast Food

Andrew Ellis, Reporter

Being the patriotic country that we are, we all tend to think that America is the best place on earth, especially when compared to the countries of Europe.  However, to really determine which nation is the best, we need to compare the only vital and important thing which everybody considers when judging between cultures: Food.

In the media, we always hear just how much better Italian pizza is compared to American pizza, to which I agree. However, senior Grace Scheibe, who is a regular over there in Italy, thinks pizza anywhere is amazing.

“I like them both in a different way. Italian pizza is great because it is so fresh and light and you can get all sorts of weird ingredients.”  Said Grace Scheibe.  “American pizza, upon consumption, makes one feel as if they have polished off a brick, but honestly that’s appreciable too. Ten out of ten for both American and Italian pizza,”  she added.

Jake Arrowsmith, who traveled abroad to Germany last semester, also has insights on the differences in Europe.

“Germany has some pretty great food.  The döner, which is a common Turkish gyro type dish, the currywurst, which is a cut up bratwurst with curry ketchup sauce, and of course the schnitzel, pretzels, and sausages are all amazing things Germany has to offer,”  Jake said.

My personal favorite foods from my adventures in Malta, France, and Spain are their fresh fruits, vegetables, and bread. The unprecedented fresh baked bread with no preservatives throughout Europe is like nothing we have here.  If I am ever missing Europe, it is because of their bread and croissants.

But let’s not get carried away.  Europe definitely has amazing foods, which I think America needs to adopt and bring here.  However, America gifts its inhabitants with BBQ, Chicago deep dish pizza, chicken wings, Philly cheese steak, American “Chinese” food, fries, Pancheros, Chick Fil A, and bacon all piled high.  Could you imagine living without all of those foods?  I did, and let me tell you, it was tough.  Long story short, America>Europe.