Skeptical No More


Lucas Bleyle, Opinion/Diversion Editor

 High school is a time of change and discovery for most teenagers. It really is a time when we are figuring out who we are, what we believe in, and what our purpose is.  As there are no classes about religion at Ames High, Skeptics Club was started by Mr. Walter to fill that need. It is now sponsored by Ms. Edster and led by Junior Lucy Ching and Sophomore Calvin Leslie.

“We don’t want to define it as an atheist club,” said Lucy Ching. “It is just a place for open discussion and we accept any opinion.” This club is not anti-religion but rather a place where religion is explored through a lens of skepticism.

“So much of American society has to deal with religion or has some kind of religious skew. Lots of time it’s a Christian skew,” said Ching. “I think it is interesting to come to a place where you don’t always have a religious skew.” It is a place where theology is not set in stone and can be discussed without consequence.

Not everyone has a best friend, church group or eager parent to discuss the uncertainties of existence, religion and philosophy with, and for those people Skeptics Club could be the perfect outlet.

“Skeptics Club allows for discussion to occur and you can make your own decisions,” said Ms. Edster, biology teacher at AHS.

A friendly mixture of atheists, agnostics, and religious people sit around a table in Ms. Edster’s room after school on Monday discussing theology, philosophy, and metaphysics over a box of cookies. However, the group often gets off on tangents discussing anything from video games to politics.

So whether you seek the meaning of life, the solution to a metaphysical problem, or simply want to talk about something pertaining to religion, don’t be skeptical, just join and come to discuss.