Star Wars Battlefront


Skip Stevens, The Reporter

It goes without saying that 2015 was a BIG year for Star Wars. Leading up the release of Episode 7, fans of the series were creeping out of the farthest corners of the galaxy. So it makes sense that the next installment to the series’ popular video game Star Wars Battlefront would be released the same year. And now for the WEB’s review.


First off, for any developer to tackle the task of capturing the scale and authenticity of the Star Wars universe is amendable. With that said, DICE, the game’s developer, reaches the game’s highest point with exactly that. From the detail of the character and map design to the pew pew sound and feel of the weapons, the overall Star Wars vibe of the game is there.


However, where Battlefront shines in lighting, it lacks in content. With only 11 guns and just 4 different maps, albeit with different variants, there isn’t much to work with. At least until more content is released.


Gameplay wise, simplicity is the name of Battlefront’s approach. Besides the few specialties like the booster pack or bubble shield to mix things up, the player is equipped with a blaster. And that’s it. Randomly placed power ups throughout each map are fun, and give opportunity to every player to get something nice, such as a hero pickup which allows the player to play as iconic heroes from the series such as Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker.


Overall, the simplicity of Battlefront is fun and takes players back to the basics of what shooters are. The lighting of the game is nice to look at and the sound is exactly what one would expect from a Star Wars game. However, the lack of content might jeopardize the longevity and overall moral of the game in the future.


The WEB gives Star Wars Battlefront an 8/10