Mr. Woolery’s Mini Me

Megan Hofer, Reporter


Freshman Dana Woolery is the son of Mr. Woolery. Most of us know Dana’s father for his weird quirky talks and his bright attitude on life, but his son is also pretty great. As the son of Mr. Woolery, there is no doubt that Dana would be involved in drama. His most recent part was a character in the spring play Bye Bye Birdie.

The interesting thing is that Dana actually enjoys doing tech work more than being in drama. He enjoys the work that it takes to be in tech crew. He also enjoys doing shift crew.

But more than anything, he enjoys being in chorus. He sings as a freshman tenor. He really enjoys learning all of the new songs and being in the musical.

His interests involve making youtube videos and writing fan-fiction.

He says that it is interesting to be the son of a teacher because he is well known as a child of the school system. “I always hear about all the weird things that my dad does,” Little Woolery says with a grin. “Yeah, he’s weird.”

When it comes down to it, Dana Woolery is a bright and open-minded teenager who has his mind set to being himself and embracing the truths of his differences. His dad is weird, and he can be weird too, but he is more a good guy with a great attitude than anything else.