Hulu is underrated

Hulu is underrated

Achala Thippeswamy, Reporter


Many would immediately think of Netflix when thinking of a website to stream movies and TV shows. However, Hulu is a website that is very underrated. Tifany Chu proposed an idea to me a year ago, if I gave her access to my Netflix she would allow me to use her Hulu. At first I thought this is a horrible idea. What even is Hulu? As I looked at all the shows and movies available on Hulu I realized it was a great deal. Hulu has so many tv shows that are unavailable but high demand on Netflix. They immediately air on Hulu after releasing on certain TV channels such as: Fox, Abc family, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central and many more networks. A variety of movies are also provided on Hulu.  Hulu satisfies the needs of the public that other websites don’t; the latest episodes of popular tv shows, usually a day after they air, and in very good quality.

Although Hulu is as impressive as any other internet tv site, there is not as much hype about it. Hulu began much later than sites such as Netflix, therefore took longer to draw people’s attention. However, it is becoming more popular and is a useful resource for discovering new current shows. There are plenty of genres and networks that are on Hulu, providing a satisfying experience for any member of an audience. To subscribe to Hulu, the price is only $7.99 which is a very good deal for the amount of TV shows and movies that are available.

Hulu is an underrated website that should be used by more people. Even though it is not extremely popular, it’s appealing shows and variety of entertainment will draw more people. Forget Netflix and chill, Hulu and chill will be the next big thing.