Hannah’s senior column

Hannah Sumpter, Reporter

High school has been wild. I was doing it wrong most of the time. I started off convinced that I had to be extroverted to be likable. I’d talk during class and I hated every second of it. My junior year, I stopped talking. Nobody noticed besides me, and that’s exactly how it should be. I’m so much more comfortable with myself. Sometimes simple, small changes make all the difference.

Other people’s opinions of you are among one of the most unimportant things I can imagine. The moment I decided that it didn’t matter is the moment that I could finally breathe in the halls of Ames High. Go ahead and wear your pajamas to school. If somebody says that you look tired it’s fine, they’re probably right but that’s fine.

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 10.32.58 AMParticipate in school activities at least once. If it’s not your thing, at least you tried right? Friday night lights are one of my favorite memories of high school, but I have some friends who will probably make fun of me for even saying that. Find something that you enjoy and do you no matter what. Always be kind. I can’t tell you how many bad days I had, but I can tell you which bad days were changed around by random acts of kindness. If you’re walking out of the media center, don’t use the door furthest to the right. You’re going to lose friends. Let them go. Let high school happen, soak it in, and don’t take your family and friends for granted.

I have grown up knowing that if I don’t follow my dreams, I will never be satisfied. My dreams just so happen to be in a completely different state. Spend time with your parents, call your grandparents every time you think of it, and never let them forget the love you have for them.

“turn soft and lovely anytime you have a chance”