Meet Spectrum’s Newest Leaders


Elizabeth Jackson, Reporter

For the LGBTQ+ community at Ames High, there is a safe and welcoming place to discuss and share thoughts about social problems. Spectrum club has been a positive experience for many students and is a place to learn and ask questions free of judgment. This year, three juniors have been appointed co-leaders along with Senior Noelle Flugrad. These new co-leaders are Abbie Eastman, Clove Woodworth, and Erin Noyes. It’s important to these co-leaders that students feel comfortable with being themselves in Spectrum. It’s essential to Clove Woodworth, that every student entering into Spectrum feels at home. “Spectrum is like a big family, we treat everyone equally, and do so many fun things together. It’s a place where anyone (gay, straight, or otherwise) can feel safe.”

Also a co-leader this year, Abbie Eastman hopes to continue the accepting and informative environment that Spectrum has created. “I hope that we continue to be a safe space for students. I also hope that we can help people become more informed about the LGBTQ+ community and issues we have.”. For any student who is thinking about joining Spectrum, but is unsure of what to expect, the co-leaders feel it is important to welcome anyone and everyone to join and enjoy the fun. Students in the club can relate to each other and talk freely without disrespecting opinions.  Spectrum even sponsors a dance in February, known as the It’s Ok With Me Dance. The governor’s conference in the spring is an event that Spectrum club attends in order to meet with other Iowa teens and discuss LGBTQ+  issue and listen to speakers. It’s important to note that any student with any sexual orientation is invited to Spectrum club. The club meets every Wednesday at 8:30 am in Mrs. Engelkes’ room, as well as an additional Plus Period meeting on Thursdays in the Multi-Purpose room.