Uganda: A Trip of a Lifetime


Achala Thippeswamy, Reporter

As the end of the year approaches and students are excited to bask in the summer sun, many take the opportunity of the long summer months to embark on a unique and fulfilling experience to Uganda with the high school. Led by Mr. Mooney, Ames High students are able to travel to Uganda to help build classrooms and housing for students while learning about the lifestyle and culture.

Many students wish to participate in this activity from the moment they hear about it since it is such an incredible opportunity, including Junior Olivia Galyon, “I’ve wanted to go since I heard about it freshman year! I’m excited to see how different life is in Uganda and experience a part of the world that I haven’t learned much about.” When asked what Olivia hopes to gain from this trip, she replied, “I hope this trip helps teach me about working hard and how to better appreciate everything I have in my life, especially having reliable access to education.”

The Uganda trip has never failed to make an impact on both the people that are being helped and the students who return from the trip, such as Senior Naomi Bratsch-Prince who travelled to Uganda during summer 2016. Naomi learned life lessons after this eye opening trip, “I’ve learned there’s no reason to stress out anymore, I have everything I need. If they have so little and they’re happy, why should I be unhappy when I have so much?”

With the abundance of opportunities that Ames High has to offer, the Uganda trip is one that should be taken full advantage of. Being able to travel, learn, and help a community are just a few reasons why one should take part in this experience with other members of Ames High.