The conclusion of the matter

The conclusion of the matter

Skip Stevens, The Reporter


I will start by stating that it is in my very nature to rejoice and be glad. I need not elaborate the cause for these sentiments other than to simply say that life is, in itself, very good.


However, it is apparent to me, and those closest to me, that my continued bliss has been pitifully mistaken for the likes of stupidity by many of my affiliates. Such a misunderstanding deserves the utmost condemnation. For the glee and joyous persona put on by my exterior flesh during my time in high school has by no means been the product of ignorance regarding the world around me. I see, and have seen for a long time, the truth behind situation and intent. It is a reality that, among other things, has brought me the greatest of sorrows.


And very sorry I am.


The years to which I have been subject to the confinements of this system have been, without question, the worst of my young life. For in this time friends were not friendly, teachers did not teach, house was not home, meaning was vain, and truth was a lie.


Such under goings serve for little other than pain, and my experience with that hurt has tormented me to the point of total depravity within the deepest parts of my inner self.


But cool, calm, and collected have I appeared to remain to those around me. Actually, most of them never really cared for me anyways. The only aspects of my humanity that ever appealed to them were the traits that they felt could be exploited for their own personal benefits and status; surely, they are the epitome of insincere persons.


And with all do respect, I am none of the titles they deemed me. I am not the good; I am not the cool; I am not the rapper; I am not the leader. I am simply a man.


And in the persisting void of the society by which I am encompassed my spirit has grown tired. I am weary of all that exists within the solitude of the superficial. Or in other words… the walls of Ames High School.


Thank you to those who have truly cared and continue to care for the the well-being of others. Your affection has not gone unnoticed in my heart. And to the rest, understand that I know who you are, and I see to the root of your true nature: a brood of vipers and hypocrites you are.


Certainly, this place will not remember me by the words of this article, but by the way that I lived my life.