Coffee House

Tracie-Lynn Lamoreux, Reporter

Coffee house is coming up February 12th and without it students wouldn’t be able to make it through this awkward time period between winter break and spring break. Coffee house was originally in the multi purpose room, but was eventually moved to the media center. With the coffee house gaining the well earned attention of students all around it became a tad cramped and was moved to the auditorium in December.

For those who have never attended a coffee house I will give you a brief synopsis. It starts off with forced humor between the hosts which eventually transitions to a mixture of talent and pure entertainment. You have the freshman who got there early, and they’re just waiting to see the cute senior boy play three chords of an Ed Sheeran song. You have the sophomores, using the opportunity to score a lunch outside of the really uncomfortable setting that is our school cafeteria. And let’s face it, upperclassmen who do come are either partaking in the event itself, or they kinda missed the free school food, and open lunch is ruining their bank statements. Fear not though, seniors will come just because it may be the last opportunity to see the amazing talents Ames High provides.