Iowa Youth Caucus

Tracie-Lynn Lamoreux, Reporter

One of the most talked about things this time of year is politics, and most of the time the topic of too much talk about politics. Although it may be quite annoying to admit, but it needs to be talked about. Elections are coming up soon, but sooner than that is Caucusing. Caucusing is in February, and it’s when voters decide on which candidates are to lead the main parties. The most exciting thing about this is, Iowa is the first to Caucus. Barack Obama wasn’t leading the polls in 2008 until he won the caucus in Iowa. This being said, Iowa is an extremely important factor when it comes to the election and who will end up being president of the United States.

Another important thing is the youth and the new generation of voters fresh to the voting scene this year. In November, the Statewide Iowa Youth Caucus took place taking into account young voters choices on who should be the next president of the United States. Bernie Sanders lead in the votes with 52.74%, Martin O’Malley with 24.09%, and Ben Carson with 22.35% according

This organization is also a great way to teach students and new voters how the election works, how caucusing works, and what to do when the time to vote actually comes. So, no more talk of politics not being relevant to the high school scene. Our youth is filled with promising chances of choosing the next President of the United States.