Your Mom


Megan Hofer, Reporter

Your Mom is a joke, just like this article. From talking about how fat she is to talking about how much she gets around, your mother is an extremely popular joke base.  Sometimes it gets too far, though.

When saying “your mom” goes as far as to just randomly saying it in the middle of a conversation, or insulting the moms of the world way too much, saying “your mom” needs to stop.

If a person really does have an issue with somebody’s mother, they need to talk directly to them. Sometimes mothers are actually the worst ever, but making a joke out of them isn’t exactly the best idea.

They are the ones who have control over everything that happens in the life of their child. They can basically lock their children inside of their house for eternity if they want to.

But here are some examples of awful “your mom” jokes:

“Your mama so ugly she makes onions cry.”

“Your mama so fat she needs to go to sea world to get baptized.”

“Your mama so stupid she got locked into a grocery store and starved.”

“Your mama is so old her birth certificate says expired on it.”

“Your mama so fat, Luke Skywalker saw her and thought she was the third Death Star.”

Despite a few giggles, “your mom jokes” tend to just be simply overwhelming and offensive. Saying “your mom” in the middle of a conversation is not funny. Bottom line, “your mom” jokes should not be used nor should they ever be an actual form of a joke.